Saturday, May 1, 2010

New furniture

Hello!! Last Sunday went out and bought myself a little treat with my tax money. I bought a coffee table and a new bed!! They are the rustic wood look and they smell amazing!! The store actually had some amazing sale prices so I didn't pay near as much I normally would have. Always nice. So here are the pics of the furniture. I also included a pic of Allie. In the picture she is staring at our fence. Couldn't figure out what she was starting at all the time so I looked from the second story. The neighbors have a big white dog and that's what Allie has been staring at!! She's in love!!! I started watching her more and saw that she and the white dog will run along the fence together and whine at each other. It is too cute!!! We are both doing good. 11 weeks :) Love to all :)

Sneff :)

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Anonymous said...

I love your new furniture! It's super cute!!!! And Allie looks like she's gotten ginormous!!!!