Friday, October 30, 2009

All alone again...

Hello!! So this week has been a snow and wind filled week. We only got about 3 to 4 inches I think but it was still icy and windy. Allie has loved the snow though. She runs around like crazy and keeps sticking her nose in it. She also will try and eat it! Its too cute to watch. She has been really good. Getting a little more ornery everyday. She has mastered the art of jumping on the couch now. Her new task is trying to jump on our bed. We are trying not let her do that though. Chris is leaving tonight for Calfornia for a whole month :( Boo! They are training for deployment. So far they are still planning on March but things still could possibly change. I have been doing really good too. Still like my job but I am on the hunt for a full time day job. Kinda getting sick of working double shifts and night shifts. Nothing has come up yet but I am still hopeful. Well thats all the news I have for now. Love to all :)


She passed out with her head hanging off the couch

She love our friend Kaitlen

The picture speaks for itself! Ha ha!!

Gotta love that long underware!! Sexy!! Ha ha:)

This is the picture we took at Dave and Busters. I think we are kinda cute together :)
The first video is of Allie's new "trick." Chris will cover his head and callfor her and she will try and dig him out. I didn't get the best video of her doing that. She goes all out sometimes. The second video is of Allie chasing her tail. I've seen other dogs do this but Allie will go on forever and then once she catches it she will actually chew on it! Excuse my laughing in the second video...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sorry its been so long!!

Hello!! Sorry its been so long. It has been a busy last couple weeks. I have been doing good. Work is going really well so far and I still love the job. I have had some problems with my jaw though. After about a week of not being able to yawn or eat without pain, I went to the doctor. He said hopefully that it was just infected and inflamed so he gave me some pain meds and an anti inflammatory. If those dont work I have to go to a dentist because I probably have TMJ or TMD. So lets hope the meds work. So far they are not but I have another five days. Chris is doing good also. He started classes today for something. I can't remember what its for. All I know is that hes worried because there will be a lot of math. Good news is that he doesn't have to get up so early in the morning for this class. He gets an extra hour or so of sleep Yea!! Allie is great. She has just about mastered not peeing in the house. The only time she will have a little accident is when she is on her way outside. She is getting a lot bigger too. I think she has gained about four pounds since her last vet appointment. We have also stopped putting her in her kennel at nights. We just keep her in the room with us with the door closed. She has only peed one time overnight. She is so good about jumping up and whining so we know she needs to go out. She has started chewing on more stuff around the house but its still not that bad. She understands No really well. Well sometimes anyway!! She had her first experience with ice and snow over the weekend. At first she didn't really notice it then she kept sticking her nose in and then coming up snorting and shaking her head. It was so funny to watch her slide around on the ice too!! Poor girl couldn't get her footing. Ha ha! Well thats all the updates for now. Enjoy the pictures!! Love to all :)


Chris playing skee ball at Dave and Busters


I beat Chris on the Nascar game!! Jr. rules!!

This is how he slept for a little bit in the morning :)

When me and Chris went to Denver, we left Allie with a friend of ours. The other dog is one of hers that Allie became best friends with.

Allie loves meeting Chris at the door whenever he come home :)

Chris took me and Allie to Garden of the Gods here in Colorado Springs. It was a beautiful day and the views were so amazing!! We didn't get out and walk too much so most of the pics are form the truck. Hopefully if its nice on a weekend, we plan on going horseback riding through the park so I will have much better pics.

Allie had so much to smell and play with here

My family :) I love these two!!

Yeah.....she is chewing on a weed.

Its hard to tell but she was actually laying on a little hill sliding down it. She wouldn't stop chewing while she was sliding down either!! Silly girl!!

Grandpa loved playing with Allie :)

But I think Grandma loved Allie more!!

Allie loves cuddling with her Grandma too :)

The kids loved Allie too. They wore her out with all the playing they did. Hey Nick and Amy.....can I borrow your kids to give Miss Allie a workout every now and then :P

This video is a little hard to see. Its of Mom playing with Allie trying to get her to jump on the couch. Up until this point Allie has not been able to jump on out couch so this was quite an accomplishment!!