Saturday, December 12, 2009

I am a slacker

Hello!! Well it has been an inventful two months. I am going to keep this short because I havea lot of pics on here. Chris was gone for the almost the whole month of November. He got back a few days before Thanksgiving. While he was gone, TJ came to live with us til summer. She was a big help with Allie. I was working a lot of hours and it was nice having someone here to walk and feed Allie. Thanksgiving was awesome. My very first Thanksgiving that I hosted was a big success. We were supposed to have around 11 people and a kid but it ended up only being 5 adults. So of course, I made way too much food. We donated a lot of the leftovers to a homeless shelter. Speaking of a shelter...I got a job at the Salvation Army New Hope Center, which is a homeless shelter. I am only going to be working Sunday and Monday mornings from 12am to 8am so I am keeping my BWW job. TJ also got a job at a restaurant and she will be helping at the Colroado Springs Fine Arts Center doing play stuff. Allie is really good. We got her fixed on Tuesday. Tear. She did really well and is healing nicely. Chris is good too! Hope that was short enough! Enjoy the pics!!

This is what Allie decided to do while I was in the shower

Crazy dog...

Giving mommy kisses

She like that with paper in her mouth for about ten minutes. I think she wanted attention.

She loves her Auntie

Chris bought me flowers :)
Thanksgiving was tiring for Allie

Our table for Thanksgiving :)

Cutting the turkey

All our food

We cute...

Chris putting up the lights

The first video is of Chris giving Allie a drink. She is a whiskey and wine dog!! Thats my girl :) The second video is of Allie playing with TJ. Its so funny to watch and she only does it with TJ.