Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello!! This week Chris has been out in the field training so its just been me and Allie. Yesterday I took Allie to a park nearbye and found a lake I had no idea was there! Anyway....Allie had so much fun running in the water after her toy. She will be one awesome hunting dog!! After our adventure, Allie was very dirty so I decided to give her her first bath. Just like with her shots, she was a real trooper. She stayed really still and wined only a little. I think she was really scared though because she would not stop shaking afterwards and she layed on my lap and would not get up!! Poor girl. I think I am going to make going to that lake a regular thing, going to the lake, cause it wore me out too! Well everything else is going good for me. I love my job and kick butt at it :) Hopefully I will be a waitress before too long and make some awesome money. Chris comes home on Tuesday and then he gets a four day weekend since they have been working them like crazy. We plan on going to Denver with Brad and his wife. We all got rooms and aregoing to Dave and Busters. Its kinda like an adult Chuckie Cheese. Beer, games, and food. Sounds like a good time :) Hopefully I will remember to take some pics. Well thats all thats new in my life. Hope everyone else's life is just as good. Love to all :)

Sneff :)

Those eyes get me and make me smile everytime :) Sweet girl!!

She sat just like this for about ten minutes just shaking until she climbed in my lap.

And this is how she still was an hour later

So the story with this pic is that last night there was three planets aligned and supposedly it was affecting the gravitational pull. I heard that if you stand a broom up it wont fall because of the planets. So of course...I tried it. It worked! Stayed up all night long too. Kinda cool :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Miss Allie playing

Hello!! Just thought I would post a video of Chris and Allie playing. Sooo cute!! Took Allie to the vet today to get checked up and get her first shots. The vet said she was in excellent health. She was so brave getting the shots too! The vet couldn't believe how brave she was throughout the whole exam. Thats my girl!! Enjoy the video:) Love to all!

Sneff :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Camping and a new puppy!!

Hello all!! Wow...what a weekend. Me and Chris went camping with two other couple just outside Pueblo. We went to the fair both days too. Saturady nigth we wentto the demo derby. Was so fun!! Then on Sunday we went into Pueblo and bought our new baby!! She is a pure black lab and shes about nine weeks old. We named her Allie!! She is precious!! We have had some trouble trying to get her to pee outside but other then that, she is so calm and very sweet. She came just at the right time because Chirs will be gone all week in the field and now I will have Miss Allie to keep me company :) Chris plans on training her to be a hunting dog. She adores him!! Its funny to see her follow him around! So enjoy the pics!! Love to all :)

Sneff :)

Brad and Chris putting up the tent

Sam and Brad playing some bean bags

Melissa and Cosmo


This is going to be funny...

Cosmo was sick and Chris was psyched because he didn't feel so old:P

Derby time!!

The four car driver camped at the same campsite

The mini car derby

The Scooby Doo car!!

The only chick in the derby

The Zebra car!! For you mom!!

Me and Miss Allie

So it started with Chrisplaying with Allie and then rubbing her belly....

Still playing....

And this is how she passed out!! Poor puppy was so tired.

She loves cuddling with me

This is her favorite part of the front of the bar by the fireplace

Love this little girl :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rodeo, music, and one awesome night!!

Hello!! This last Saturday me and Chris were invited to head to the Colorado State Fair to go to the rodeo and a Sawyer Brown concert. We met two of his buddies and their wives at the PBR tent, had a few beers and then headed over to the arena. The rodeo was a blast!! Course it was a lot more fun because I had Chris explaining the rules and different things. As soon as the rodeo ended, we all went down to the arena and watched Sawyer Brown. Awesome show!! Course in the middle of the show, it started pouring!! That didn't stop many people though, including us. They kept playing and we stood out in the rain. Chris brought his carhart jackets which helped but it didn't take long for them to soak through! When the concert ended, we headed back to the PBR tent for the Trailer Choir concert.They are the band that sings Rockin The Beer Gut. They were awesome too!! You know how the fat guy is just busting moves on the video? Well he does the same thing in concert!! Too funny! Anyway...we left a little early from the concert and headed back home because we were all soaked, tired, and hungry! Thankfully, neither Chris or me got sick the next day!! YEA!! So the pics are from the rodeo (which sorry there isn't any action shots, they turned out all blurry!) the concerts and some random ones from yesterday. Love to you all :)

Sneff :)

The arena

This is Chris's buddy's little girl Lacey. She was getting so excited during the rodeo. Everytime she would see a calf or bullshe would clap and say, "YEA cow!!"

Enjoying a beer :)

Lacey took off the ring around Chris's hat and so of course...Chris had to put it on. Dork :)

This is a pic of Brad taping up Chris's jeans. We were walking to the rodeo and noticed that Chris had a rip in his jeans!! He had no idea how long it had been like that either! I tried taping it up once but it needed more. Chris wouldn't let me post the before shot:( Too funny!

Chris buddy Brad and his wife Sam

Only action shot that somewhat turned out good

Sawyer Brown

A pic of me after it had stopped raining. I was freezing!!

Trailer Choir!!!

I call this pic....Three Men and A Baby

Chris cooking me dinner last night

He loves me!! The meatloaf says so! He he :P

Thought this was pretty cool. The clouds were reallylow but you could still see the tops of the mountains. Weird!!