Monday, August 24, 2009

My new car!!!

YEA!!! I have a new car! Chris and I looked on Friday with no real luck. Test drove one that was just ok but way too pricey. So Saturday we went out again and went to just one lot and found my new baby!! I didn't realize how long the whole process actually takes. We got there about 3:30pm or so and did not leave until about 7pm!! Craziness. Anyway...its a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. Has four wheel drive. Has a little over 104,000 miles. The other really cool thing is it has buit in VCR. Chris swears he is going to put in a DVD player soon. Ha ha!! So now all I need is a name for my car. If anyone has a suggestion, leave it in a comment!! Love ta all:)


My new baby!!

I will have to get some seat covers. Not a big fan of leather seats.

Chris checking things out for me

Me and my baby!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our new place :)

Hello! Here are the long awaited pics of our new place. We finally got the majority of it all set up. Still some work to be done yet but it feels like a home. No big news yet. Chris has been busy this week. They have had him out in the field the last two days. I have been keeping busy as much as possible. Been kinda hard with no vehicle but I manage. I met some of Chirs's buddies and their wives last weekend. They are all very nice and its nice knowing someone here. One of the couples lives just a few houses down. Well thats all the news I have for now. Love to you all!!

Sneff :)

Please mind the movies all over the floor. Like I said eariler, we still have some work to do.

This is the bar area. As you can tell, Chris decorated this part. This really came in handy when we had his buddies over!

This is our work area.

Living room

Other part of the living room

And the fireplace :) You can see it in the bar area too!!


The bathroom is huge!

Small closet though

The veiw from our balcony. That is Pikes Peak.

You can't see it but on the top of that mountain is a bunch of towers and stuff. Chris told me that they are part of the presidents bunker. So if we are under attack, the prez may hide out there. Kinda cool :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goodbye cookout

Hello!! I made it to Colorado!! YEA!! Sorry it has taken so long to post something but this is the first day I have had time to sit and relax. We left about 3:30am Monday morning (about three hours later then what we wanted to) and it took about 15 hours or so to get here. It was a beautiful drive. South Dakota and Nebraska were sooo pretty but it was basically all open land. Colorado started out pretty much the same way. Didn't get to see any mountains until we got closer to Colorado Springs. So not disapointed in the mountains!! They are very beautiful!! As soon as we got to the house, we got everything unloaded from the Uhaul and got it in the house. They aren't kidding when they say its harder to breathe near the mountains!! Going up and down stairs and carrying boxes, almost made me pass out!! Ha ha!! Its not so bad when you aren't moving but watch out when you do!! So the next day while Chris was at work, I unpacked all of my stuff and got everything put away. I worked pretty much non-stop until he got home. He was very impressed by my progress. He treated me to Joe's Crab Shack that night! Fer good food!! So it was a good thing I did all the unpacking because yesterday, Chris got all his stuff from Germany! So we spent all day yesterday unpacking all his stuff. Phew! We were soo tired by the end of it. But now everything is for the most part set up and it is looking like home. I will be posting more pics of the place as soon as I get some taken!! The pictures below are from my Goodbye cookout on Aungust 1st. We had some good food and played croquet!! It was so fun hanging out with everyone! I thought that would be the last time I would see everyone but my wonderful boyfriend treated me to a trip to Thief River on Sunday. Chris got to meet Nick, Amy and the kids for the first time. The kids all took to Chris really well! Savanna and Daniel wanted him to help them fill the big bucket with sand so they could make a big castle. They also had a good time jumping on him and tickling him!! It was so funny to see them all play :) I didn't get any pictures from that day though. Sorry!! I was too tired and just wanted to relax with the fam. Thanks for checking in!! Love to everyone!!

Sneff :)

Jada was all about playing croquet
Issac chowing down on a hot dog

Mom's aprinFer cute!!

Daddy relaxing

Nick and Amy on the croquet field

Matthew and Savanna love their Auntie!!

I tried teaching Savanna how to hit the ball right. She did better on her own then when I was helping!! I am a bad teacher. Ha ha!

Mom and her trademark move! She so funny :)

Playing in the sandbox

Matthew cheezing it up

Matthew and Issac playing

Savanna made her volcano