Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally some pics!!!

Hello!! Here are the pics I promised!! They start off with while we were home for Xmas, then go to the rodeo, then to Valentines Day then, to some random pics. They are some videos at the bottom too. The house pics arecoming on the next post in the next few days. See you then!! Enjoy :)

Not sure why I wasn't smiling here. This is at Chris's mom's house on Xmas eve. She goes all out on the decorations. So pretty :)

Me and Allie

Chris's sister-in-law (aka SIL), Cindy

This is Chris's little brother Devin

Devin loves oragami. That was my gift. He loved it but it can't compare it the WII he got.

His mom gave me a Lab calender :)

Blanket from his mom

Dart board from Cindy

Nice face :)

Breadmaker!! Yea!!

Allie and Cindy's dog Missy playing tug of war. It was the funniest thing!!

BFFs Allie and Missy

Allie, Missy, and Sam watching Chris loading the van

Playing in the snow

Allie is the little black spot hiding in the snow. She loved it!!!

At the rodeo

Part of Vday surprise

Allie lays in the weirdest positions

Don't remember what she had in her mouth but that is how she slept for like an hour.

Money hungry mutt :)

The first two videos is a guy from IL riding in the rodeo. The second is of Chris's bull that he rode one year town a rodeo. So cool to see the some bull now in the PBR. The last video is proof Allie will play with anything. She found it outside while I was walking her. Silly dog :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sorry :(

Hello!! I am so sorry for no posts these last two months. I will just kinda update everyone on life around the Springs for us. After my last post we headed home for Christmas. The trip went really good and only had one minor glitch with the 25 inches of snow we got. Ha ha! It all worked out for the best because I got to spend Christmas eve with Chris's mom and he got to come up for our Christmas the next Sunday. Sorry for no Christmas pics. I left my camera at home :( New years eve for me and Chris was spent traveling. We got home like 20 minutes before midnight. We had bought a bottle of champagne along the way so we popped that open and had our midnight kiss. Aww!! Also at midnight, they shot fireworks off on top of pikes peak!! Really really cool to watch.

When we got back it was back to the grindstone. I had started my new job at a homeless shelter right before we left so I had a lot of catching up to do. I love it there!!! It was more of a challenge at first since this is a co-ed shelter but i adjusted. We have about 250 beds and room for about 50 others on the floor. Currently we have around 130. That number should be growing soon because the city made it illegal to camp down by the river, which is what a lot of homeless are doing. Plus we had a "snowstorm" (not what i would call one but apparently everyone else did) so we had a lot of cold weather people come in just til it got warmer. It has been a hectic and busy week for me because of all that. I mainly work 4pm to 12am Saturday to Wednesday right now but that will be changing to a nice variety of shifts. A couple mornings, a couple nights, and an overnight shift. And those are all from Thursday to Monday morning. I know it sounds like a lot but I am loving every minute of it!!

Chris is doing really good. He has been busy with classes, training, and packing for his upcoming deployment. So far the only date they have given us is March 18th but Chris thinks it will probably be a few days later then that. He also made the decision to buy a house!!! YEA!! We have some friends that just moved into a brand new house in a new community way out of town. Or I guess its more of a housing development. Anyway, we loved the area and loved the fact it was out of town so Chris jumped at the chance. Then came the hunt. It actually was kinda easy and they always say if its meant to be then everything falls into place. This was no exception. The first house we wanted ended up going under contract right before we could. So the realtor guy showed us another style of house and we fell in love. The only glitch was that only the foundation was laid so they weren't sure if they could have it done by our March 4th deadline. They called the builder and he said he would pull a framing crew off of another job just so ours could get done!! So Chris went under contract and we picked out our new house colors!! That was so much fun!! We keep driving by the house to check and see the progress. It amazes me how fast it went up. It currently has walls, windows, roof, and some siding!!! I will be posting pics soon of the progress and the end result.

Allie is also doing really well. She is now seven months old and is about 51 lbs. She is getting so big and so tall so fast!! She is not liking living indoors much anymore. She is just too big for such a small area. I can't wait for her to be able to run around her new backyard!!! She has also found her voice!! Ha ha!! She doesn't bark much. Just when we are playing with her and she gets really excited. I am also proud to say that she has never chewed up any of my shoes!! Just some slippers. Oh some lose some :) I think she senses that things are going to change because when Chris comes home at night, she sticks by his side most of the night. She will play with him more then me too!! I know she is going to miss him. I have considered getting another puppy to ease the transition but just me with two dogs may be too much for me. Especially as much as I will be working. We will figure it out though :)

So thats all I really have for today. I promise pictures very very soon!! I just need to get some time to actually sit down and focus. Hope everyone is doing well!! Love to all :)