Monday, April 26, 2010

New house and baby!!!

Hi!! So many things has happened since my last post. First and most important (and for those who haven't heard) I'M PREGNANT!! As of today, I am 10 weeks along. Everything is going good. I was sick for about a week straight. Couldn't hardly keep anything down and all I wanted to do was sleep. The doctor gave me some stuff they give for airsickness and it has helped sooooo much!!! I can eat and keep it down!! Other then has been an easy pregnancy so far. The other news is that Chris left for Iraq on March 20th. We found the day before he left that I was pregnant. It was definitely a shock for both of us. He is very excited though. His nickname for the baby is Pickles. Ha ha! He came up with that because of the old myth about pregnant women craving pickles. He knows I hate pickles so he would tease me and then he just called the baby Pickles one day. It has stuck ever since. Gotta love him for being such a dork :) I am scared to this this pregnancy thing alone but I know I can do it and I know I have his support even though hes so far away. I keep him updated about everything. Once I start showing, I plan on taking pictures every week for him. It was so very hard seeing him leave. They sent his unit to Kuwait first for training. They were there for about a month and now they are in Iraq. From what I know, he is in a somewhat safer place. Its Basra, Iraq which is very south and by the sea. I read up on it and that is supposed to be the spot of the Garden of Eden. Kinda cool. Im sure its not that pretty now. From what he tells me, he is doing ok. Not that he would tell me if he wasn't. Allie has been really good since he left. She seemed kinda sad at first. She would just randomly run up to our room and start whining at his side of the bed. She has mostly stopped doing that but now she usually wants to sleep with me on the bed. She was also really good when I was sick. If I was throwing up she would sit by me until I got up. Shes back to her old self a little more now. She had some issues with our new grass though. We had new sod put in and she went out the next day and pulled up strips of sod and chewed on them. GRRRRR!!! I was so mad at her. I patched up the yard as much as I could. There is just one little spot I couldn't patch. I bought some grass seed so hopefully that will work. Other then chewing on the grass, she has LOVED the yard. Well she has loved the house in general. There is plenty of room for her to run around inside and out. Speaking of the house....its three bedroom and two and a half bath. The basement is unfinished but when it does it could add another bedroom and a bathroom. Its in a new subdivision southeast of Colorado Springs. Its so nice being out of the city. So much quieter!!! Plus one of Chris's buddies and his wife live just down the road. Its been nice having them close by since hes been gone. So thats all the big news lately. I will try and keep the blog updated more on my progress and how I am doing. Hope everything is going good with everyone. Miss you all!!! God bless :)

Steph and Baby Pickles :)

First ultrasound pic :) Awesome :)

Chris and Allie before he left

Flowers Chris sent me from Kuwait

Our house

This is our great room. Right now its not being used but eventually I want to move the living room up here.

Our dining room or right bill paying center


Allie's area

This is our rec room but its our living room for the time being

Half bath just off the living room

Laundry room

Three car garage

Full bath upstairs

Guest bedroom

This was Chris's military room but this will be the baby's room.

Master bedroom

Master bath

My huge tub!!!!

Walk in closet


Right now its being used as Chris's bar area and storage. This would be the bedroom part.

This would be the bathroom part

This would be a closet

This was our sold sign for the house :)