Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Go Daddy O!!

Father's Day weekend, Dad had two horseshoe throwing tournaments in Fargo and Moorhead. The first day was in Moorhead. It was really wierd being there cause the last time I had been in that area, it was all under water! Crazy. Anyway, Dad did really both days. He got third the first tourney and tied for first and the second tourney. I was so proud!! Here are some pics of the first day...

Love to all :)

How could you miss him in that bright shirt!

Action shot!

Not sure what kind of face he was making there...

Dad with his third place plaque :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello!!! Welcome to my blog!!

Dropping off Auntie at the airport
Meet Chris :)

Me in Germany drinking german beer. Good stuff!!!

Me and Chris at a German bar on country night

Me and Chris at Regansburg

My sexy army man :)

We took Matthew and Daniel to the obersavation deck at the Peoria airport when they dropped me off to go to Germany. Matthew was so excited to see the planes. He kept pointing and saying...."Wow." Was soooo cute!!

My cousin Rhandi and her new husband, Adam

I had a nice variety of drinks. From left to right.....beer, champaign, wine, amd water!!

TJ, Nick, Grandma Gaskill, and me before the reception

Amy, me, and TJ the night before the wedding. We went out on the town!! (Sorta)

An Aldi in Germany!!

A beautiful Clock on Regansburg, Germany

Crazy how narrow the streets are there

"Downtown square" in Regansburg

St. Peter's Cathedral in Regansburg. We got to go in but because of Good Friday service we couldn't take a tour or take pics inside :(

The dike near my house

A news crew from CNN

This was a parking lot

This was a road under the bridge

Awfully close to the tracks!!

Veiw from the Bridge

Hello!!! Since all my awesome cousins have a blog, I thought I should start one of my own. Just a few updates on my life.....I survived the flood here in Fargo. It was some crazy times then. My house was close to some of the flooding but was never in any real danger. Big relief there. Since I had never been through a major flood, this was quite an experince. Me and my roomie went exploring one day and took tons of pics. I was very proud of the people of Fargo. They all came together and did the impossible. What a town!!

In May, my cousin Rhandi was married in Peoria, IL. I rode down with my brother's family. My littlest nephew, Matthew, kept looking at me from his car seat with this look of....."Why are you here? You aren't supposed to be here!" Poor guy, I confused him! The wedding was so beautiful and lots of fun!! It was good to see family that I haven't seen in a few years. I think I have almost turned completely northern because the first day we were in Illinois, I thought I would die of heat stroke!! I had forgotten how hot and sticky it gets in Illinois. Thankfully Mother Nature was there to remind me!

In April and then again in late May, I got to goto Germany to visit my boyfriend, Chris. He was stationed there at the army base in Vilsek. What an experience!! As most of you know, I am not a well traveled person. Never been on a plane or owned a passport before these trips. Only had been out of the central time zone once before this!! Crazy :P Germany was deffinitely differnt. Course I didn't get to go off the base too much and see as much as I wanted but was still interesting. Those army bases there are just like little american town in the middle of a foreign country. We got to visit Regansburg, Germany but because it was Good Friday, nothing was open :( I still took some pics of the countryside and some from Regansburg, Germany.
The most interesting news of this year is that I am moving to Colorado Springs, CO!!! YEA!!! I am very very excited for this move! Chris is now stationed there at Fort Carson. I was going to wait til October to move down there but he got word recently that he might be getting deployed in March. So I moved up the date so I could spend as much time with him as I could before he goes. Please pray that he doesn't have to go though!!! Anyway....I should be moving on August 9th or 10th. I know that it seems kinda sudden but it all feels right for me. Chris is an amazing person. He is from a small town not far from the north/south dakota border. He is in the army and infantry. I have been very happy since I met him!!!
Thats all the big news I can think of for right now. Thank you all for checking in and please keep on coming back!! The pics are of the flood, Germany, Rhandi's wedding, and a few extras. Enjoy!!

Love to all,
Sneff :)