Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Allie swam!!!

Hello!! So the last few days we have had some nice weather and its been a little warm so I took Allie to a park that had a few fishing ponds. I've been trying to get Allie to swim. Before she would walk in but wouldn't go where she couldn't touch. The time before this, I took her and she couldn't wait to get in the water. She wouldn't go where she couldn't touch but she did run right in. I knew it was a matter of time before she would start swimming. So today was another beautiful day and I took Allie back. Like before, she ran right in the water but seemed a little timid. I took a stick laying near me and threw it in. She went after it but hesitated to go in further. Finally she went in and swam to get the stick and she swam back!! I was so proud of her!! I even teared up a little!! I decided I wasn't going to let her rest so I kept throwing the stick in. She went in every single time!! She wasn't hesitating either. I was a little worried the first few times that she would go under so I kept her leash on so I could pull her out. After that I saw she was fine so I took it off and she loved it. Its funny to watch her swim back to shore. She whines the whole time!! Kinda like shes saying...."Holy crap this is hard work!!" Sooo funny!! So the first video is the first time she swam. The second video is a few more times later. You can see she was having so much fun!!!

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