Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Baby Pics!!!

I had my first trimester testing done today. They asked me a ton of questions about family health and stuff. Then they gave me three options about testing. The first option was just get the ultrasound done. The second option was ultrasound and some blood work. The third option the above two and they would stick a needle into my stomach and get some fluid from my uterus. They told me with the third option that there is a 1 in 300 chance this test could cause a miscarriage. So I didn't go with that one. I chose the second option. So they just pricked my finger and got five drops of blood and then I went in for the ultrasound. During the ultrasound they measure the back of the neck. They told me that in cases where the baby has down syndrome, the back of the neck is really big. Our baby's neck looks good :) Normal size so they dont see any problems. I also got to hear the heart beat. It was so fast but normal :) That was really cool hearing that. They took a bunch of pics and then they tried to measure the neck. They had a heck of a time. First the baby was asleep then it woke up and I could see it moving around. It was sitting straight up at first and then it kinda moved to its stomach. Not good positions to get a measurement I guess. They tried everything. They tried moving me on my side, laying me really far back, and kinda jiggling my stomach to get the baby to move. Nope....baby was staying there :) At one point, the baby was moving so much it even looked like it was waving at us. Was sooo funny!! The tech got a pic of that too. Finally they got a good enough measurement. They told me I will probably be back for another ultrasound in about a month. We should know the sex then :) YEA!!!! I can't wait. Its killing me not knowing what it is. So thats all the news from that. Next week is my second doctor's appointment. Everythingis looking good and I am feeling pretty good. 12 weeks :) Enjoy the pics everyone!! Hugs and kisses!!


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Rhandi said...

Wow, technology is amazing! Glad you had a great day :)